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Stories for You

What kind of stories are you looking for? What do you want to hear, to learn about, to share with your group or event?

With a repertoire that bridges different genres and styles, Pam tells many kinds of stories  – found, experienced and created over 28 years of telling professionally – and is always interested in possibly creating something new for you, as well.  Contact Pam to learn more – and/or keep reading…

Kinds of Stories Pam Tells (scroll away – don’t miss any!)

  • Traditional Tales / Cross-Cultural Folktales  Adaptable for all ages, Pam’s original re-tellings of traditional tales full of adventure, fun, quandaries encountered, obstacles overcome, surprises uncovered and lessons learned – all while connecting with other cultures and times, and with each other in the very same room! Pam relishes creating programs around themes of your choice; a few past program themes include: environment; continents; character development; strong women; animals; leadership…you name it, let’s create it! (Check out recordings you can purchase – either downloadable single stories, or order the full CDs in the Shop.)
  • Bilingual Stories  Pam tells several folktales bilingually, weaving Spanish and English together.  You don’t need to know Spanish in order to enjoy and understand the stories (but those who do, will likely “get” a few things a heartbeat before others – part of the fun!)  Some of these are available for purchase in the Shop, as well.
  • Personal/Historical Stories  True-life stories are sometimes the most gripping, whether personally experienced by the teller or an account of another person or event from the past. Whether True Travel Tales (to which everyone can relate, it seems, and laugh heartily along with!), backyard wildlife adventures, personal experiences honed and told as part of a keynote presentation, or one of her special-focus story programs (see below), Pam offers a wide array of true stories that are meaningful, thought-provoking, and definitely entertaining.
  • Interfaith Story Programs  Whether “Andalusian Trilogy” (stories from the Abrahamic faith traditions; see below), or the expanded program of “Interfaith Interplay” (adding stories from other traditions such as Hindu, pagan, Native American and/or other indigenous) Pam delights in finding and telling stories from a variety of faith traditions. She frames the program differently to make it appropriate for each kind of group: 1) interfaith gatherings, 2) church groups, and/or 3) secular audiences/events.
  • Biblical Storytelling  Deeply internalized rather than “rote-memorized,” and grounded in academic scholarship and reflection, Pam’s close-to-the-text telling of biblical stories makes you feel like you’re hearing them for the first time.
  • To learn about some specific story programs, please read further…

Special-Focus Programs

 Contact Pam to learn more or to book performances.

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