“Uncle Olaus Survives the Titanic”

25-year old Olaus Abelseth was an experienced traveler; he’d already crossed the Atlantic Ocean twice.  As the leader of a group of Norwegian friends emigrating to America, he booked fateful passage on “the safest ship ever built” – the Titanic.  This is the dramatic, true story of Pam’s great-uncle who was one of the few 3rd-class male passengers to survive the tragedy.

A richly-layered story of immigration, adventure, homesteading, friendship, family, and survival you won’t soon forget.

“As I heard you tell the story, you put me there on the ship.  You didn’t have me just imagine the scenes… I – was – THERE!” Alessio Soccali, Psychologist, Rome, Italy

Click here to book a performance of this powerful story, or scroll down for more details.  Pam has been telling it for 20 years and on both sides of the Atlantic, notably at the Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival in the 100th-anniversary year of the tragedy.  Hear the story as it was told at the “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition” exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science – Contact Pam for more information.

Please note: This Titanic storytelling program is for adult audiences and for youth Grade 4 and up; it is not appropriate for toddlers or primary-grade children.  Thank you.

 Uncle Olaus Survives the Titanic is a beautifully crafted and sustained piece that moved us all to tears of emotion. I highly recommend it.” — David Ambrose, Artistic Director, Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival

This unique and compelling program has been an audience favorite over the years and people often mention it to me as one of our most outstanding events.” Susan Booker, Lafayette CO Public Library

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