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“Looking for Grandpa’s Island”

Family roots, cultural heritage, faraway lands…these are recurring themes and interests for many in America, the land of immigrants.  “Looking for Grandpa’s Island” is the true story of storyteller Pam Faro’s search for the Norwegian island that her grandfather, and her family name, came from.  Contact Pam to learn more, and/or continue reading…

Ever since she was a little girl, Pam has loved the story of her Grandpa and her last Faro, Olaf cname… In 2000, she got the chance to live into that story in a very real way, and shares it now with others.  It is perhaps her favorite story to tell, largely because audiences consistently respond with such enthusiasm, love, and stories of their own.

This unforgettable personal story of seeking, and discovering, connects with listeners at the deepest levels.

“I was glad I was sitting in the back—your story of ‘Grandpa’s Island’ brought such tears to my eyes.”  — John Stansfield, Founder, Rocky Mountain Storytelling Festival

Faeroy postcard 2cIn 2012 Pam was invited to perform this story in Wales at the Beyond the Border International Storytelling Festival – There was an entirely new kind of connection experienced in sharing this story with a largely European audience. That different perspective has subsequently given an even richer depth to the telling of this story.


“Pam’s performance… a celebration of the power of personal recollection and family ties.” — David Ambrose, Artistic Director, Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival

Please note: This program is appropriate for Grade 4 through Adults.

To bring this story to your group or event, contact Pam.

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