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“A true pleasure to hear you the other night. An even richer pleasure to hear and rehear your CD. Well done all around!!” — Cathryn Fairlee, storyteller, minstrel, seanachie, bard

Andalusian Trilogy - Individual Stories
Download stories of Jews, Christians & Muslims of Medieval Spain. Stories from then, told for today.
Why Didn't I Think of That? - Individual Stories
Cross-cultural folktales, each one solving a problem with smarts, silliness or sass!
Stories Near, Stories Far - Individual Stories
Cross-cultural tales for all ages, some with Spanish, some with music, most with "lessons" - and all of 'em fun!
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Sometimes a physical CD is still what you want. Or even a "retro" cassette - aha! (And shipping is included.)

“Pam, you’ve been on my iPod for the past month telling your Moorish stories. It’s been a fun ride. You’ve been nestled in among tracks from Nordic Choirs past, Weston Noble Alumni Choir tracks, a few WFLCCB tunes, and half of Handel’s Israel in Egypt.” — Mark Scharff, Washington University, St. Louis

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