For Faith Communities

For Faith Communities: Are you…

  • A pastor who wants to strengthen your congregational involvement, attendance, community, and/or youth connection?
  • An interfaith advocate who is eager to find ways to cross boundaries, share and learn, and connect people across dividing lines?
  • A religious educator who seeks new approaches to increase youth involvement, enliven children’s ministry, and/or enrich adult learning in your congregation?
  • A preacher who would welcome additional resources for the challenge of preaching week after week (after week!)?
  • A seminary professor who would like theological education to include exploration of the power of storytelling?
  • An organizer for your community looking for new ideas for meaningful retreats and seminars, small group presentations and/or large group fellowship events?
  • A worship leader wanting to incorporate deeply engaging practices in your services?
  • Someone who wants to bridge the “digital divide” between those who are comfortable with digital communications and social media, and those who are not? Between the fragmenting effects of digital communication, and the sense of community that causes ministry to thrive?

STORYTELLING offers unique opportunities to explore, communicate, cross boundaries, empathize, imagine, experience and share in such journeys!

Click HERE to contact Pam, or keep reading to learn more… With an MDiv degree and with cross-cultural travel and experiences, Pam Faro has a particular passion for, as well as life experience and training in, “things of the spirit.”  She delights in offering storytelling experiences and tools to faith communities of all kinds, including…


For women, men, families, singles, couples…Whatever your group, Pam works with you to tailor an engaging and meaningful retreat, using story and storytelling in all their richness, accessibility and fun.  Contact Pam to explore this.

I appreciate the joy that you project consistently while performing and meeting people.  It adds to the spirit of storytelling that I find so positive and uplifting as a special, meaningful ministry. – Rev. Henry Poutiainen, Ontario


An introduction to the history and practice of biblical storytelling for your Adult Forum?  A workshop on storytelling skills for Sunday School teachers?  A story-guided seminar on interfaith communication?  A session on storytelling in preaching for clergy?  With both an MDiv and teacher training in addition to her years of professional storytelling performance, Pam brings a wealth of experience and offers a variety of topics and formats for your faith community to draw upon.  Let’s talk! Contact Pam here.


Are you looking for a meaningful and fun presentation for a special event?  Pam offers engaging and interactive storytelling programs:

  • “Stories Near, Stories Far”fun program for all ages, folktales full of humor, surprises, and positive values.
  • “Andalusian Trilogy: Stories of Jews, Christians and Muslims of Medieval Spain”stories from the three Abrahamic faith traditions from then, for now!
  • “Interfaith Interplay!”expanding upon “Andalusian Trilogy” with stories from additional faith traditions.
  • “Women on the Way” a re-telling of the Gospel of Mark through the eyes of a woman disciple – yes, there were women disciples!
  • Biblical Storytellingwide variety of possibilities, including the Passion Story from the Gospel of Mark.
  • ...and more!
  • Contact Pam for more information!

At last week’s event, I heard lots of stories.  Your telling of the Widow’s Mite in worship on Saturday was absolutely masterful.  Thank you so much. – Diane Kane, Webster Presbyterian Church, League City, TX


Usually in combination with additional requested sessions such as seminars, classes, fellowship entertainment, etc., Pam is also available for worship participation in a variety of ways: sermon/preaching/storytelling, and the telling/performance of biblical stories (the day’s lectionary/selected scripture).  Contact Pam to learn more.

As a student of Hebrew and Greek, Pam has experienced the stories in their original languages as well as in English or Spanish for that matter. Whatever the language, she makes it possible to experience the power and grace of the stories. Whether with children or adults, rich or poor, people of oral, literate or digital culture–Pam makes the stories of God unforgettable.– Dr. Thomas Boomershine, Professor of Communications, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH

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