“Andalusian Trilogy: Stories of Jews, Christians and Muslims of Medieval Spain”

Then and now: different peoples, traditions, faiths, cultures…  alhambra pic5Jews, Christians and Muslims co-existed relatively peacefully in medieval Spain.  Pam Faro explores stories from those three medieval traditions and tells them for today – for we know that stories connect people, form community, build bridges, give hope!

Pam says:

13th-Century Spanish writer Ramon Llull published “The Book of the Gentile and the Three Wise Men,” a remarkable work that tells of three teachers – a Jew, a Christian, and a Muslim –  amiably conversing together about their three faiths – basically “swapping stories!”  At the end of the day, they agree to meet again and again to repeat the rich experience.  This medieval story is the inspiration and springboard for this “Andalusian Trilogy” program.  (Contact me to learn more!)

I begin with a re-telling of that story, and follow it with offerings from each of the 3 Abrahamic faith/cultural traditions, including (translated) Arabic poetry (and by the way, I love to find a local drummer to work with in live performance of this program! – it’s not necessary, but it’s quite lovely when that can happen) and finishing with a Hebrew song of “sim shalom”: “bring peace.”

“Andalusian Trilogy” is wonderfully adaptable for your group, great for any of the following:

  • A secular group/occasion (library, school, community group, etc.) with interest in cross-cultural understanding and communication – or even just some really good stories!
  • An interfaith gathering, eager to nurture cross-religious dialog and appreciation
  • A Christian church event or group, desiring to increase awareness and understanding of the other Abrahamic faiths

Pam adeptly tailors the program to your particular group and occasion, making it appropriate for you whether for a secular and/or public event, or a faith-based community. To discuss what would work best for you, contact Pam here.

What value does this story program offer?

  • People from widely different backgrounds and with diverse customs and practices can gather around story.
  • The sharing of these stories helps to cross boundaries and differences.
  • It is instructive to hear stories from these faith/cultural traditions told from a time and place when there was relative tolerance and peace between them.
  • These stories point to a rich and influential history (that of medieval Spain / Andalucia / Al-Andalus) that is often ignored and unknown in the US.
  • You won’t hear many of these stories anywhere else!
  • And oh yes…good stories, well-told!

To book “Andalusian Trilogy” or to learn more, contact Pam directly.