YouTube “Storytelling”…?



It can be wonderful to see recorded examples of storytelling…

But storytelling on YouTube is only a “report” of a storytelling experience – very different from the live experience itself.

Just like…

A lovely photograph of a location may be beautiful all on its own. It might motivate you to go to that place. If it’s a photo you took while visiting someplace it will surely be a keepsake and stimulate treasured memories of the experience of having been there.

But looking at a photo is NOT the same as being there, with the smells, sounds, experiences…Right?

Similarly…Looking at a photo of a loved one is a very good thing. But it’s not the same as being with that person.

Seeing a recording on YouTube of someone storytelling offers some real value.  I certainly appreciate the ability to share a YouTube video of me storytelling when I’m auditioning, or sending a proposal.  And I have a couple video (as well as audio) clips on my website’s Home page. (The photo above is a screen shot from one of those!)

But what YouTube doesn’t allow is the  storytelling experience…

…where you and the storyteller can look each other in the eye, and you might even join in somehow, and the storyteller will respond to the real-time circumstances around you – which is the glory of the art form and practice of storytelling.

YouTube is good and beneficial. But a real-time storytelling experience, it ain’t!

Thanks for reading – Pam


So here’s the 1+minute clip...