Why Tell Ghost Stories?

When I was a child, my favorite holiday was Halloween. Not because of the candy – though I certainly enjoyed the Tootsie Rolls and Snickers and yes, candy corn. No, it was the atmosphere of it all – the tree branches against the moon, the rustling leaves underfoot and overhead, owls peering at you, black […]

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Descriptions / Definitions

“Story slam.” “Traditional storytelling.” What do these even mean?! [Theme for this month: “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling – Bridging the Distance”]

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“A storytelling contest?! No way!” And I shook my head in distaste, even a bit of disbelief. After all, storytelling is all about community, and connection, and communication, and strengthening bonds, and cooperation, and…not competing!

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A-Z April Daily Blogging Challenge 2015 – Diving in Again!

Theme: Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling – Bridging the Distance I’m still quite new to story slams, and they are still new to me – I’ve been to four. (See previous blog posts about my introduction to this increasingly-popular kind of storytelling event: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.) I am exploring – in real […]

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Story Slams Making Waves (Part 3) – Diving In Head First

It was my first-ever story slam! Not sure if “wow” or “hm” is my primary response…Wow. Hm. That was the gist of my Facebook post that night after I got home; and I started planning a 3-part blog series reflecting on story slams. Then… OHMIGOSH OHMIGOSH!!! I just got home from the 2nd Denver Moth […]

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Story Slams Making Waves – What’s the Story, Anyway?! (Part 1)

“Like moths to a flame: People flock to hear personal sagas” – Denver Post, October 17, 2014. It was exciting to see a nice, big feature article in the Denver newspaper about storytelling! I read it eagerly… But…but…but…I confess to you: Eagerness gave way to puzzlement, puzzlement gave way to discomfort, discomfort ebbed into irritation, […]

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light we see

“All the Words I Cannot Write”…Oral Stories / Written Stories

All the Light We Cannot See  Have you ever heard, or read, a story that filled you so very, very, very full…of thoughts, emotions, responses, images…? A story you hear told aloud…a written novel you hold in your hands…both are so similar to, and so different from, each other. Both are magnificently complex, but the […]

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YouTube “Storytelling”…?

It can be wonderful to see recorded examples of storytelling… But storytelling on YouTube is only a “report” of a storytelling experience – very different from the live experience itself. Just like… A lovely photograph of a location may be beautiful all on its own. It might motivate you to go to that place. If […]

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Titanic Connections

Titanic: “of exceptional strength, size or power.” My friend Richard and I were enjoying a rare visit together, sharing breakfast in my home, me happily hosting him as he was in Boulder for a professional visit. The coffee was hot, the bread made great toast, especially covered as it was in luscious butter + beautiful […]

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Dog in yard

Respond in Real-Time (Reprising a favorite blog post from March)

Responding to your audience, to the real-time circumstances around you – – this is one of storytelling’s most distinguishing characteristics. (This is what especially differentiates storytelling from theater, such as a monologue or “one-person play.”)

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