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Respond in Real-Time (Reprising a favorite blog post from March)

storytelling responds

Real-time Response

Responding to your audience, to the real-time circumstances around you –

– this is one of storytelling’s most distinguishing characteristics. (This is what especially differentiates storytelling from theater, such as a monologue or “one-person play.”)

Back in March I wrote a blog “How My Dog Reminded Me: ‘Storytelling’ is Not Just a Compliment.” It’s arguably “too long” for one of these daily (daily!!) A-to-Z blog posts this month, so I won’t copy the whole thing here, but I will certainly give you the link here, and invite/encourage you to go over and read (or re-read) it at your leisure…

Its main points are:

“Storytelling” is a specific practice and art form – NOT JUST A GREAT COMPLIMENT!

(You know, like…splashed over a movie ad: “Such-and-such director is one of the greatest storytellers of all time!”…or on a book jacket: “This novel is storytelling at its finest!”)


Storytelling (the practice and art form) changes and responds differently to real-time circumstances.

I think the subject matter is really important.  And I think the blog post turned out pretty well.  And I know it shows one of the best photos of my beloved old dog ever.  (And I hope you make it over there…)   😉

Thanks for reading – Pam