Heart-Lifting for Disheartening Times – ZIGZAGGING Through the Amazing Benefits of Storytelling

It’s all so overwhelming and it seems everyone is tired, discouraged, maybe angry or cynical or depressed, maybe confused or disheartened…just weary.
Each day during this April A-Z Blogging Challenge I’ve offered a short musing on an aspect or two of the many ways the ancient-yet-very-contemporary experience of storytelling – both listening and telling – is an enjoyable, fortifying and heart-lifting practice, for anyone!

And so we come to Z – ZIGZAGGING Around the Heart-Lifting Attributes of Storytelling

So very much is disheartening in the world now, and has been for a long time – impacting some of us deeply and near-constantly, and impacting all of us at least in some ways at some times. 

For the past month of the April Daily A-Z Blogging Challenge, we’ve ZIGZAGGED around some of the many, many ways that storytelling lifts the heart…

From Accessibility to Newness, from Balance to Imagination, from Healing and Kindness, to Opportunity and Work, and Delight and Joy, Xenophilia and Connection…and much more!…

…Healing and Gratitude, Focus and Balance, Work and Escape and Tonic and…!

So very many ways in which storytelling – the sharing of stories between people – brings benefits to one’s heart and spirits.

The story content or kind of story almost doesn’t matter – the very act of engaging in storytelling has benefits for both listener(s) and teller(s)…nourishing the imagination, creating community and strengthening relationships, opening possibilities…

I encourage you to go (re-)read the previous alphabetical entries, ZIGZAGGING through the different reflections, and see what might resonate with you.

And I invite you to the powerful, fun and meaningful practice of storytelling!

Thanks for reading – Pam

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All the best to you!

Top photo is from my files, credit sadly lost to the mists of time. B&W path photo by Bernd Dittrich on Unsplash. Forest path photo by Zachary Ferguson on Unsplash.