Lighting the Darkness

Season’s Greetings… Here in the Northern Hemisphere it’s the astronomical season of late autumn with winter soon upon us…The Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, is approaching, and the darkness is lengthening and deepening. It’s also a holiday season, both secular and religious. And the Christian liturgical season of Advent. And a US […]

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Emcee – Makes all the difference!

…And never more so than in a story slam… Reams could be written about the role and skill of emceeing. (And yes, “emcee” is a real word, having evolved from “MC,” short for “Master/Mistress of Ceremonies”). When it comes to storytelling events, I have witnessed fine storytellers who…are less gifted, shall we say, at emceeing. […]

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“The Talk”…All Our Stories, Black/White/Brown/Red, After Ferguson

We NEED to tell OUR stories. And we NEED to hear OTHERS’ stories. I know the teeniest-weeniest bit about “having The Talk” with my sons. I’m not talking about the birds’n’bees – I mean the one that African-American parents have with their children about being very, very careful if interacting with law enforcement officials. Let […]

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Liebster Award badge

Liebster Award Nomination for Story Crossings!

Y’ learn something new every day! I’d never heard of the Liebster Award until I got nominated this past week – what a nice thing to learn about!  Person-to person, blogger-to-blogger, “tag, you’re it” and pay it forward!

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Zebra Crossings

Zebra crossings are great! Designated paths for safe passage, getting from one side to the other, crossing over and journeying onward… [You know – like the Abbey Road one with George, Paul, Ringo and John…!]

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Cathryn Fairlee workshop

Others – Learn from Them!

When someone asks me for advice on how to get started with storytelling, I always answer, “Two things:” 1) “Tell as much and as often as you can” – you learn about yourself, about stories you like, about how to be in front of people…and 2) “Listen as much and as often as you can […]

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Kaleidoscope latte

Kaleidoscope Coffee & Stories

Kaleidoscope Coffee is all about connections and creating connections. Today’s is a guest blog by my friend, storyteller Cassie Cushing of Kaleidoscope Coffee & Stories.  She’s a gifted a storyteller, an energetic and creative producer of small mutli-arts events, and she roasted-and-brewed me the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had! Her brick-n-mortar Bay Area Kaleidoscope […]

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Wael's beautiful artwork

Andalusia – Stories That Connect Us

The year was 711 CE. A Berber army under Arab leadership crossed the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco for yet more raids on the last of the Visigothic kingdoms in Spain. The invaders took the capital city, Toledo… And so began a 700-year presence of Islam in Europe – and some of my favorite stories!

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5 Reasons Why We Need Storytelling in Schools [Part 1 of At Least 2]

This wonderful blog about why poetry is NEEDED in schools has been circulating on the internet.  It’s true, I love it, I agree with it. …And all the way through reading it, I kept wanting to replace the word “poetry” with “storytelling.” So I did.

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