Ducking, Diversions and Detours

A-to-Z: Ducking...

A-to-Z: Ducking…


What in the world does THIS have to do with “storytelling’s power to create connection,” anyway?! (- my theme for A-to-Z April Daily Blogging Challenge)  I’m determined to make a connection!…Just a dab of wordplay…Follow along…

Ducking necessary work to indulge in some other activity is generally not a positive or productive practice (- ooh, ideas for the “P” post later this month?…!).

However, diversions and detours are basic to many good story plots! They often are key in connecting with listeners, moving them to the edges of their seats.

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”  (He’s just a diversion from the main issue-at-hand of conversing with the Wizard, right? – Are you kidding?!!  Apparent diversions and detours can be the juiciest parts of moving the story forward!)

Which brings me to the ducks behind my house.

And the finches, and the flickers, and the owls, and the robins, and the coyotes, and the hawks, and the rabbits, and…

You see, behind my house in Colorado suburbia, there is a wonderful swath of open space that one of my friends has christened “Pam’s ‘Wild Kingdom’” – because I am so enamored of the life there, the animals and trees and grasses and little stream. I can spend hours out back with my old dog, watching and listening, and smelling and feeling the air, and taking photos, photos, photos. (I have so many bird photos!)


Can you read the fuzzy poem?

At times, it’s true, it does indeed end up being a “ducking of tasks at hand” kind of thing. And yet…

I have created at least 2 stories for telling/performance directly from my out-back experiences!

– Stories that educate and entertain listeners, sprung directly from allowing myself to spend time and witness the life out there. Plus, I’ve begun work on a series of stories under the working title “Pam’s ‘Wild Kingdom’”-!

So see…stay open to the diversions around you, whatever your context, and trust your awareness and creativity.

What may seem like ducking, diversions and detours in your day could actually end up being very fruitful and beneficial, and can contribute materially to your storytelling, your writing and/or other work – not to mention your balance and peace of mind!  [And such “diversions” could spice up stories you find yourself telling…]

I’m really looking forward to having this new program of my “wild kingdom” ready for performance – as soon as I get all those ducks in a row!


Can’t…help…myself…  Must…post…more…bird…photos…



House Rinch

House Finch – close up!


Other Great Horned Owl


Great Horned Owl

And if you have interest in finding stories, books, crafts, songs, etc. about ducks themselves, storyteller Karen Chace is a magnificent resource – check out her blog!

P.S.  The poem on the plaque in the fuzzy-focus little photo above reads:  “I meant to do my work today / But a brown bird sang in the apple tree / And a butterfly flitted across the field / And all the leaves were calling me.”

Thanks for reading – Pam