Blue Christmas?

What to do with melancholy at Christmastime? For lots of people, this is thankfully not a problem. For lots of people, unfortunately it is. And for any number of reasons…

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Themes…Storytelling Programs & Story Slams

It’s pretty common for storytelling programs to have themes. Themes for conferences, library summer reading programs, festival, confabs, house concerts – or even just a particular one-storyteller show. A theme can be – fairly specific and help with focus, and pulling elements of an event together, or can be pretty broad and umbrella-like, and open […]

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I am beyond delighted to welcome Csenge Zalka as Guest Blogger today! She is a Co-Host for the A-Z Challenge, a storyteller, scholar, teacher, blogger…and the MythOff USA Representative. So when she found out I planned to address “MythOff” for my M post (for my Daily Blogging Challenge theme of “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling […]

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Trickster Tales – Just a Teeny Taste!

“The trickster exists in every culture as Coyote, Jack, Hans, Nasrudin, Anansi the Spider, and many more. He or she is a teacher and a fool in equal measure.” – So says the promo for tonight’s storytelling evening I’m eagerly anticipating… “Trickster Tales” is tonight’s offering in the “Stories with Spirit” series – live storytelling […]

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Storytelling – and World Cup Soccer!

I’ve been watching wa-a-a-ay too much soccer lately… Well, no, not too much soccer! I love “the beautiful game,” and actually never get to watch enough of it, since my kids grew up and my soccer mom days are mostly just great memories now – and I love watching the World Cup! You see, the […]

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Story Versions

Being able to deliver different versions of a story to different audiences… This is an important and valuable ability – both in terms of “stretching your repertoire,” and of respecting and responding to your audiences! As an example: There is a beautiful story from Israel I like to tell, that lends itself to some nice […]

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Kaleidoscope latte

Kaleidoscope Coffee & Stories

Kaleidoscope Coffee is all about connections and creating connections. Today’s is a guest blog by my friend, storyteller Cassie Cushing of Kaleidoscope Coffee & Stories.  She’s a gifted a storyteller, an energetic and creative producer of small mutli-arts events, and she roasted-and-brewed me the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had! Her brick-n-mortar Bay Area Kaleidoscope […]

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Internal Imagery – It’s So Not Just “Pictures!”

So here’s a story… I was eager to return.  The previous storytelling workshop at the seminary had been so well-received, so well-attended, everyone expressed excitement at scheduling a follow-up a few months later. I planned on really exploring the importance and variety of internal imagery in storytelling. In our culture, at least, it seems that […]

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Ducking, Diversions and Detours

Can’t…help…myself…Must…use…great…photo…of…ducks… What in the world does THIS have to do with “storytelling’s power to create connection,” anyway?! (- my theme for A-to-Z April Daily Blogging Challenge)  I’m determined to make a connection!…Just a dab of wordplay…Follow along…

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