The New Year: Happiness and Kindness…Out Loud

New Year’s Day 2018 – Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who make the morning

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Like many, in addition to ongoing layers of personal and professional life, I’ve been overwhelmed by so much in the news…So, blog has been silent…though thoughts have been many… And so just for a bit of respite for myself, today I set down a few morning observations like I do sometimes here at the edge […]

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Musings on Loss, Death, and Nature’s Story for Us

January brought us news of several celebrities’ death…a number of musicians including David Bowie; actor Alan Rickman (one of my favorites)…and…my Aunt Lil… One might reflect on why it is we react emotionally to the deaths of celebrities, people we’ve never known personally. Someone tweeted: “We don’t cry because we knew them, we cry because […]

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J for Jacaranda – But Why?

We’ve come to the “J” day, and I haven’t already written what I had intended for J (Jazz), and it’s crunch time and I just can’t do it – so here’s an improvised post on Jacaranda. Why jacaranda? I just finished reading a beautiful – but very sad – novel set in Australia (The Light […]

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Ducking, Diversions and Detours

Can’t…help…myself…Must…use…great…photo…of…ducks… What in the world does THIS have to do with “storytelling’s power to create connection,” anyway?! (- my theme for A-to-Z April Daily Blogging Challenge)  I’m determined to make a connection!…Just a dab of wordplay…Follow along…

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