Zebra Crossings

zebra crossings

Zebra Crossings

Zebra crossings are great!

Designated paths for safe passage, getting from one side to the other, crossing over and journeying onward…

[You know – like the Abbey Road one with George, Paul, Ringo and John…!]

Last October I launched my brand-new Story Crossings website. I spent months working with a professional (Suzanne with Future-Makers – highly recommended!), working on all the design and content and technical details.

One of the many important parts of the project, of course, was choosing the visual images for my website…

I was looking for images that would carry the notions of intersecting, bridging, crossing barriers…

If you venture around my website at all (which I urge you to do!), you’ll see that nearly all of the photos at the tops of the individual pages are all of these sorts.

top-contactI have not used yet – but have been keeping in reserve, and find myself bringing out for this blog post! – an image of a zebra crossing, and/or of zebras themselves! (Suzanne actually had to talk me out of lots of nature-and-animal photos I was drawn to…she wisely pointed out that, though I do love nature & animals, and certainly have stories and story programs that celebrate such, I probably don’t actually want my website to look like a naturalist’s site…!)

So, for this very last of the April 2014 A-to-Z Daily Blogging Challenge posts (and at the end of a solid week of being sick with the flu…so not much body-or-brain-energy at this point for creative or productive thinking or blogging), I am indulging my love of animals, and claiming the however-weak connection between my Story Crossings theme, the imagery of bridges and stepping stones and…zebra crossings…and delivering that lovely top-image of the zebras.  🙂

And so with these zebras at my side, I bid adieu to this A-Z Daily Blogging Challenge.

Thanks to each and every reader, and commenter, and subscriber/follower, and supporter. It has been a true adventure, with ups and downs, and I’m very glad I did this. I’ve met several fellow bloggers, learned a LOT about blogging (having just started in February and then diving into this deep water), and have made a few new online friends, for which I’m grateful.

I will probably take a week off, and then plan to blog weekly on a regular basis.  In future blog posts, I’ll always be looking for…

…Story crossings! – ways that stories and storytelling help us to cross boundaries, bridge barriers, make connections and move forward – just like those great zebra crossings!

Thanks for reading – Pam