Faeroy postcard

Faeroy – my family’s tiny Norwegian island

“What’s your favorite story to tell?” – One of the most common questions asked me during Q&A sessions over the years. I used to demur about how I love ALL my stories; that’s why I tell them. But…a favorite one has indeed emerged in recent years:

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Equilateral Triangle

THAT’S what storytelling is:  the equilateral triangle of Audience + Teller + Story Without any one of those, you just don’t have storytelling!  (Another nifty metaphor: a 3-legged stool – “If you don’t have all 3, it doesn’t stand.”) Storytelling just doesn’t happen without an audience.

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Ducking, Diversions and Detours

Can’t…help…myself…Must…use…great…photo…of…ducks… What in the world does THIS have to do with “storytelling’s power to create connection,” anyway?! (- my theme for A-to-Z April Daily Blogging Challenge)  I’m determined to make a connection!…Just a dab of wordplay…Follow along…

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Chorus – inviting audience participation

“And they all lived…”  “…happily ever after!”   So you find yourself telling a story to a group of listeners. Whether it’s your first time or you’re long-experienced at it, whether in a speech, a sermon, a class or a storytelling performance, there’s a little something that can be a useful and fun technique to […]

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CO high country


“REMEMBER TO BREATHE!” – I tell them… They always laugh! But I’m dead serious when I tell them that!

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Wael's beautiful artwork

Andalusia – Stories That Connect Us

The year was 711 CE. A Berber army under Arab leadership crossed the Straits of Gibraltar from Morocco for yet more raids on the last of the Visigothic kingdoms in Spain. The invaders took the capital city, Toledo… And so began a 700-year presence of Islam in Europe – and some of my favorite stories!

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