QUESTIONS – What are YOURS about Storytelling &/or Story Slams?!



Throughout this April A-Z Daily Blogging Challenge I’ve been asking some questions…(“Why ARE story slams growing so popular?”), and trying to answer some questions (“What IS a story slam, anyway?!)

What are YOUR questions?

  • About story slams.
  • About traditional storytelling.
  • About their relationship to each other.
  • About who cares and why.
  • About storytelling in general.
  • About anything I’ve written in these A-Z blogs…
  • …and more…
  • …Rhetorical and otherwise!

Do you have questions about bridging the distance between story slams and traditional storytelling?

I’d love for you to put forth any such questions you may have – and I can try to respond to them ASAP right here in the comments section, or point you toward perhaps a previous blog that might answer your questions, or file them for addressing in future blog postings – whether in the remaining April A-Z postings (R-Z) and/or beyond!   I’m not stopping blogging anytime soon – though once May 1 arrives you certainly won’t be seeing daily posts – whew!!

listeningWhat are your questions? If you have one, or some, I hope you’ll post them in the comments section.


…Hmmm…We’ll see…!

Thanks for reading – Pam


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