The New Year: Happiness and Kindness…Out Loud

New Year’s Day 2018 – Hello, sun in my face. Hello, you who make the morning

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QUESTIONS – What are YOURS about Storytelling &/or Story Slams?!

Throughout this April A-Z Daily Blogging Challenge I’ve been asking some questions…(“Why ARE story slams growing so popular?”), and trying to answer some questions (“What IS a story slam, anyway?!) What are YOUR questions?

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[Theme for this month: “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling- Bridging the Distance.] My primary thought after my first-ever story slam last October, the Boulder Story Slam: “Boy, was that potluck!”

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Judging at Story Slams

Being a judge I’m pretty sure I’ll never volunteer to be a judge at a story slam. I’m happy to leave that part of the game to someone else! Therefore it’s an act of the imagination to answer the question sometimes put to me: “How do they figure the scores?!”

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I Wuz Robbed! – A Story

Let me tell you a story… November 21, 2014 – It was my first Moth story slam. The Moth! The storied, premier story slam event! I’d heard tell of it for a long time. Every now and then I’d caught “The Moth Radio Hour” on my public radio station. And now it had come to […]

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[Theme for this A-Z April Daily Blogging Challenge: “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling – Bridging the Distance”] How does it feel to tell a story at a slam…knowing you’re being scored?! I got home from my first Moth Story Slam last November close to midnight, still pumped and excited after the nighttime drive from Denver. The […]

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Story Slams Making Waves, Part 2 (Or, Does Anybody Read a Blog Published on a Friday Afternoon?)

“What if we recognized that all stories, regardless of traditional, personal, or other, have value when they are well told, when there is room for the audience and when we remember that stories are about human experience, whether true or metaphorical?” – Laura Packer Could not have said it better myself, nope. Thank you, Laura!

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“People Just Want More Booty” (and she wasn’t talking about pirates…)

Seriously? SERIOUSLY??!? [I was planning to publish Part 2 of my blog series “Story Slams Making Waves – What’s the Story, Anyway?!” – but find I must take a different direction today…] The stories we tell about women and girls:

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EXcellence – Brief Note about Professional Storytellers

I love finding the storyteller in everyone! And nurturing it, and celebrating it! We’ve ALL got it! Much of my most satisfying work over the years has been in teaching and coaching others to find and celebrate their own storytelling capabilities. And I love, love, love story swaps – everyone has a story to tell! […]

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