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Upper Elementary School Grades (4-6)


Upper Elementary Workshops

I’m afraid I’m out of time, and so I’m kind of cheating for “U”…

I’ll be at a school most of the day, leading workshops with 4th, 5th and 6th graders, and can’t cobble together a decent “U”-post in the time I don’t find available, so…

The workshop for the upper elementary grades will be “No Paragraphs, Margins or Quotation Marks.”

Here’s the description: “Just as there are many concepts, building blocks, and rules to learn in developing writing skills, there are fundamental ingredients of oral presentation skills, as well. Using story modeling, participatory exercises and games, brainstorming and group discussion, participants explore the many rich elements of the oral language of storytelling, as compared to and contrasted with the written language of literature.”

A fairly dry description, but…

We’re going to have some fun!  Undoubtedly!