J for Jacaranda – But Why?



We’ve come to the “J” day, and I haven’t already written what I had intended for J (Jazz), and it’s crunch time and I just can’t do it – so here’s an improvised post on Jacaranda.

Why jacaranda?

I just finished reading a beautiful – but very sad – novel set in Australia (The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman). Finished it…and am very, very caught up in the emotions, the settings, the characters…the story.

Plus, a little earlier today I received an email from a dear friend who lives in Brisbane, Australia…who I had thought would be returning to my house for a cherished visit this summer…and it turns out she cannot come. I will, thankfully, actually see her at the annual Festival Gathering of the Network of Biblical Storytellers in North Carolina, which is wonderful – but sadly she cannot extend her stay in the US this year and visit here in Colorado again, which I had been dearly looking forward to.

So…I’m feeling melancholy. And am thinking about Australia. And am so very, very grateful for my whole month there back in 2008.

What took me to Australia was storytelling

I had 3 weeks of storytelling performances and workshops, finishing with keynoting that year’s Australia Network of Biblical Storytellers’ Gathering near Melbourne (and then a week’s holiday up in The Daintree near Cape Tribulation, snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, horseback riding in the rain forest and on the beach, seeing cassowaries…oh so fun!).  Storytelling was the connection that took me on that trip of a lifetime. (Likely more on that in future blogs…)

And for the full week I spent in Brisbane, the jacarandas were in bloom.


I had never ever seen anything like it – glorious, astonishing, arching bowers of purple everywhere throughout the city! It was a revelation.

So with my melancholy-induced mental-lethargy, and my mind+heart Down Under at the moment (where another friend, from Adelaide, happened to write me today the trees are turning lovely shades for autumn as I celebrate our springtime budding and blossoming here in the north)…I will save my originally-planned J post for some future blog, and have simply rambled a bit out of my precious and vibrant memories of connecting with storytellers, places, and friends Down Under through the gift of storytelling…

So today is J for Jacaranda.

Aren’t they beautiful?  Here’s another of the many photos I took as we drove around Brisbane –

more jacarandas


  • Where does storytelling take you?  
  • Have you ever traveled somewhere because of storytelling that you might not have otherwise visited?  
  • And of course: Where has listening to a story taken you?!
  • [My friend and fellow storyteller Susan Marie Frontczak has a wonderful motto:”Give me a place to stand and I will take you somewhere else.” – Isn’t that great?!  Wish I could steal it...just kidding…I think...]