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…Because sometimes a physical CD is still what you want! (Or even a “retro” cassette? – aha!)  You can order honest-to-goodness CDs that Pam will send to you that you can hold and own and listen to and do whatever you want with.  And Pam pays the shipping!

"Andalusian Trilogy: Stories of Jews, Christians, and Muslims of Medieval Spain" - CD [Stories from then, told for today.]
8 Stories & 1 song: • The Gentile and the 3 Wise Men (Christian) • Clever Bird's Counsel (Christian) • Ten Chests (Christian) • When the Cat Came to Mohammed (Muslim) • What is Your Deepest Desire? (Muslim) • Three Poems of Arab Andalusia (Muslim) • Rabbi Abraham ben Ezra and the Bishop (Jewish) • Sign Language Debate (Jewish) • Sim Shalom (Jewish: Hebrew song)
Price: $9.99
"Stories Near, Stories Far" [Cross-cultural tales for all ages, some with Spanish, some with music, most with "lessons" - and all of 'em fun!] (**AVAILABLE IN "Retro" CASSETTE TAPE ONLY - CD not yet available)
8 Stories and Poems, including introduction: • Stories Near… (Intro...) • North Wind and Sun (Greece) • Two Brothers (Israel) • Pedro y El Diablo / Peter and the Devil (New Mexico) • Los Ratoncitos / The Little Mice (Mexico) • One Gold Coin (Ethiopia) • Tika and Mudyumuke (Central Africa) • …Stories Far (...Conclusion)
Price: $9.99
"Why Didn't I Think of That?" - CD [Cross-cultural folktales, each one solving a problem with smarts, silliness or sass!]
6 Stories: • North Wind and Sun (Greece) • Slops (Ireland) • !Mira Massimo! (Mexico) • Clever Counting (Liberia) • Fox's Bag (American South) • Colorin Colorado (American South West)
Price: $9.99

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