Musings on Story Crossings and Connections

The name of this blog and my website is Story Crossings.

As it says on my Home page: “Our stories cross – intersecting, as well as bridging divides – creating connections so that differences don’t have to be barriers.”

There’s been quite a long stretch since my last blog – more than a month, sorry – and today while I was confined to an airplane seat for a few hours, I strove to break through that inertia of not blogging, and set a few musings down…

Today (March 31) I flew across much of the North American continent, from Denver to Boston. I’ve come here to Massachusetts for this year’s Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference put on by LANES (League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling). I’ve come to:

  • Connect with tellers from another region, some old friends, others not-friends-yet – !
  • Lead my workshop on interfaith storytelling, connecting across faith traditions through story. (I created this workshop for the 2014 National Storytelling Conference in Phoenix, and have since offered it several times, and coast-to-coast [!] – I must say, it’s such a rich, fun, and fruitful workshop! [Would love to bring it to your area and/or organization…subtle hint…cough cough…]) I so appreciate the opportunity to offer it here in New England!
Boston approachc

Boston – Different from CA coast!

On a personal note, I’m also blessed to be able to connect with family while out here…

  • A beloved niece and her family
  • My son’s in-laws – Our otherwise and previously very unconnected families now intersect and are joined by, well, our children. [And just this evening we had a delightful video chat with our grandchildren out in California – talk about crossing the continent!]

So many differences and distances, barriers and boundaries… crossed by travel, technology, relationship, and story.

We human beings connect through stories… You know, don’t you, that “the shortest distance between two people is a story”-?!

I’m so grateful for my calling as a storyteller. Maybe you’re familiar with this (and my favorite) definition of a calling: The place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. (Frederick Buechner)

That’s storytelling.

Tomorrow begins a 3-day conference on “Storytelling in a Changing World.” Looking forward to gathering with others to explore, celebrate, and manifest the power of storytelling – crossing boundaries, distances, barriers and divides… Yep, that’s storytelling.

Like I said, just a few musings…

Thanks for reading – Pam

The photo at the top is of course looking out my window on today’s flight…Grateful for the skill of the pilots and all the many people involved in flying that metal through the sky!!