Nana Tells Stories…

Nana tells stories

Nana Tells Stories

We sat cross-legged on the backyard sidewalk, under the fig tree, face to face.

I’d read loads of books to her in her first 3 years, learning how to hold one up to my laptop’s camera in Colorado for her to see the pictures in California, then pull it back so she could see me, my face, see me turn pages…

And whenever I can get to California to visit, reading to her (now 4) and her little sister (2) is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite things to do in this life.

But that day, it was just the two of us, outside in the yard by ourselves, sitting under the fig tree, Nana and 3-year-old oldest granddaughter…and for the first time, I told her a story-with-no-book; I told her Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

And it was pure magic.

I told her The Little Red Hen, too.

It was pure heaven.

She leaned forward, leaned in, smiled with surprise, eyebrows up in delight, watched me, eyes to eyes, caught every single thing I handed her.

You can understand why I love gigs that take me to the Bay Area…

Nana is yearning for her next trip to California.