Are you looking for an online worship resources for your congregation?
You can stream an oral telling of the Passion Story from the Gospel of Mark!

A note from Pam Faro:

I have been telling the Passion Story from the Gospel of Mark for 20+ years, and have regularly been booked by churches for live performances of it – but we all know what has happened this year!

Times and finances are hard for so many of us during this coronavirus pandemic. I, along with incalculable others, have suddenly lost significant teaching and performance income due to the circumstances. And of course countless churches, and other organizations and individuals, are struggling financially as well as with how to carry on in our socially-distanced current reality. So I’m making available this half-hour video recording of my studio-telling of the Passion Story from Mark.

Instead of my setting my usual fee, for now this recording will be available to you for streaming at least until the end of May 2020 for a dollar amount of your choosing – Seriously, any amount.

You’ll find the right balance that works for you, for a donation in an amount that is respectful of my work and time, and reflective of your current situation – and you’ll receive the link to stream this Passion Story to your digital worship service(s).



Get immediate access

Donate the amount of your choice, and the streaming link will be available to you at least until the end of May 2020.