Storytelling Workshops with Pam Faro

Storytelling Workshops with Pam Faro

Top 5 Workshops

  • You Already ARE a Storyteller (And Here’s How to Be an Even Better One!)  –  Recognize and affirm the storytelling ability you already possess, and learn core practices that will strengthen your storytelling, whatever the occasion or context.  Contact Pam for booking or for more information.
  • Deep Imagery  –  Be challenged to take your storytelling and presentation skills to a new level; engage your imagination in ways that help you to be the best storyteller you can be!  Contact Pam for booking or for more information.
  • Total Recall  –  Explore the tested science, the potential fun, and the true effectiveness of employing movement in your story learning and rehearsing, as well as in your telling.  Contact Pam for booking or for more information.
  • We Love Guinea Pigs! – A Master Class in Storytelling  –  Brief, focused individual coaching sessions from Pam of 2-3 participants serve as case studies for the others to observe; the Master Class then includes whole-group discussion of how specific techniques or ideas that surface can be applied to everyone’s storytelling.  Contact Pam for booking or for more information.
  • Growing the Teller/Growing the Coach – A Master Class on Storytelling Coaching  –  A Master Class focusing more on developing participants’ own coaching abilities, through examining elements of effective coaching and considering different philosophies/choices. Contact Pam for booking or for more informationScroll down for more workshops…

The imagery meditation was invaluable and
a great reminder to explore the different dynamics of a story to bring it alive. – Jim Abbey, Writer

Workshops Great for All Ages – Kids through Adults

  • Everyone’s a Storyteller
    Basic introductory overview of finding the storyteller that is in each of us!
  • Moving Stories
    Exploring use of movement, physical expression in storytelling.
  • No Paragraphs, Margins, or Quotation Marks!
    Exploring the many rich elements of the oral language of storytelling as compared to the written language of literature. Contact Pam for booking or to learn more. Scroll down for more workshops…

Excellent. Experiential. I’m not one to want to participate, but felt very comfortable and enjoyed the process. – Parish Nurse, Westberg Symposium, St. Louis, MO

Especially for Faith Groups

  • Intro to Biblical Storytelling
  • Biblical Storytelling – What Is It, How to Do It, and Why?
  • Your Story, My Story, Our Story
  • Storytelling in Ministry
  • Preaching & Storytelling…What’s the Difference, What’s the Same? And Why Should You Care?  Contact Pam for booking or to learn more.

All of Pam’s workshops can be tailored to your context – they are adaptable for length of time, for size of group, for skill level (whether new to storytelling or experienced), age of participants (all of these are suitable for adults, many are suitable for children).

Pam is a great teacher of storytellers. She understands both the theory of storytelling, which she can talk about clearly, and the nuances of practicing the art. Her workshops are an opportunity to take a journey of discovery of oneself, of the story, and of relationship to an audience.  – Dr. Tom Boomershine, Professor of Communication, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH

Workshop Intensives

Pam works with your needs and your schedule to tailor a half-day or daylong workshop, or longer, combining elements of the Workshops for your group or event.   Let’s talk! – Contact Pam here.