For Story Lovers

For Story Lovers: Do you…

  • Love to listen to a good story, well-told?
  • Enjoy using stories in your work?
  • Tell stories for the fun of it?
  • Want to find a great storyteller to perform for your organization or event?
  • Get excited about the impact and joy of storytelling?
  • Know that storytelling is a real and meaningful way to connect people to each other?
  • Want to get better at telling stories?
  • Seek an effective storytelling teacher or coach?

…Want to find an experienced professional storyteller to bring the power and delight of storytelling to you?

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Whether for your library, professional event, school, congregation, community group, inservice training, conference, retreat, what-have-you – you know that storytelling is a real-time, powerful and enjoyable experience. And there’s nothing quite like engaging with a skilled and experienced professional storyteller, whether primarily for entertainment or learning.

Pam Faro has 25+ years of professional storytelling experience – as a performer, presenter and educator – across the US and internationally.

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