For Event Planners:  Are you looking for…

  • An imaginative, compelling keynote for your conference?
  • An alternative and engaging speaker for your corporate event?
  • A skill-developing and community-building seminar, workshop or performance for your occasion or organization?
  • Thought-provoking stories for adults?
  • Significant, effective ways to connect your group members in the face of 21st-century digital disconnect? (What is “digital disconnect,” anyway? Doesn’t digital communication keep us connected? Hmmmm…)
  • How to tell your story? Your organization’s story?

…Something different, something both meaningful and entertaining, both thoughtful and fun?

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Keynotes – Seminars – Performances – Workshops

With 25-years’ experience of professional storytelling nationally and internationally, Pam learns about your organization/event and tailors a keynote, performance, seminar and/or workshop(s) just for you, drawing on her extensive story repertoire and often developing new stories as well.

Some Post-Keynote Presentation Comments…

“Pam was a very engaging speaker. Definitely did her research about our group. / Very good speaker that worked on getting to know our profession as well as her specialty in storytelling. / This (keynote) presentation took us beyond our usual left brain approach to learning and was powerfully effective. / Both this keynote and Pam’s breakout session were the highlight of the symposium for me. / Truth-telling, soul searching, and enriching. Delightful. / Dynamic speaker. Fun and challenging as well as educational. / Speaker was an audio-visual herself!”

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