For Educators: Do you…

  • Seek effective approaches to Common Core, state standards, and students’ learning outcomes?
  • Want to build your students’ 21st-century skills?
  • Suspect – or KNOW! – that the arts belong in schools, and that nurturing creativity is both crucial and possible?
  • Feel eager to find effective tools for increasing literacy?
  • Worry about how little budget there is for enrichment programming?
  • Wonder about how much “screen time” is good – or too much?  Feel uneasy about how digital “multitasking” affects students?
  • Think STEM should be transformed to STEAM? (adding Arts+Humanities to the equation of Science, Technology, Engineering + Math!)
  • Feel concerned about how digital media may be fragmenting community?  Or how social media affects real-time/face-time social interaction?

…Want to answer these concerns in a way that gives you “the most bang for your buck?”

Contact storyteller Pam Faro HERE to learn more, and/or scroll down…Learn how STORYTELLING is the full package, offering effective answers addressing each of these issues – and so much more!

Ms. Faro so empowers the introverts and encourages the extroverts that whatever she charges would be chump change. – John Donnelly, Atlanta

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It often seems there’s an impermeable boundary…

…between teaching to standards, upping students’ test scores…and developing creativity and critical thinking, which are crucial 21st-century skills. Storytelling crosses that boundary, bridges the gap, offers real pathways across the spectrum of your classroom’s needs. [One fantastic resource where loads of research is collected and analyzed in one handy place for you: Story Proof: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story. Thousands of researched sources and studies agree: storytelling is unparalleled in its importance to brain development and meaning-making].

By doing any or all of these…

  • increasing your own storytelling skills
  • guiding your students to be storytellers
  • bringing professional storytellers – performing and teaching artists – to your school to experience the power of storytelling

…you will be generating a powerful teaching tool for your classroom!

And guess what?!  Storyteller Pam Faro offers:

The Arts Belong in the Schools!

Each and every art form delivers vibrant benefits and perspectives – We need them all!  But…if you do not have the budget to bring a wide variety of different performing and/or teaching artists to your school, if you want the most “bang for your buck”…consider STORYTELLING:

Storytelling uniquely combines…

  • the creative exploration and expression inherent in all art forms, with…
  • rich language and literacy development
  • social skills
  • community-building
  • drawing upon the neural wiring-for-story built into the human brain
  • developing both cognitive and affective processes
  • both: drawing upon, and developing additional capacity for, focused attention
  • supports every one of the Colorado state standards for reading, writing and communication!

…All in one “package!”  Contact Pam to book a performance or workshop, or to learn more.