Give yourself a fun way to refresh your spirit.

Let’s call it…A Storytelling Playground

So many people are weary, exhausted, dispirited. Maybe you are too…

These past 2…4…6 years have been really hard, and it’s often difficult to keep your spirits up, to not just feel drained or even heartsick over so much distress in the world. You may be feeling tired, exhausted, worn thin (“like butter scraped over too much bread,” as Bilbo Baggins put it).

You’d like some relief, a lift, something good, something enjoyable as well as meaningful.

Maybe you’d just like a little break.

You’d like to do some good for others, too, and to help shine some light in the world…and you know you need to find ways to take care of yourself in order to do so.

What if you had an opportunity to breathe deep, to connect with a few others in a playful, maybe new-to-you, relaxing and gratifying experience? What if there were a fun and really accessible way of giving your heart a lift and your spirits a refresh?

There is!

Play and relax in the world of story!

  • Jump into your imagination
  • Swing to your heart’s content – You’ll gain new views and perspectives
  • Skip around in the delight of story sharing
  • Slide right into growing tools for connection, communication, and fun
  • Climb up a bit out of the gloom
  • Hopscotch through a variety of stories and genres
  • Monkey (bars) around with creativity
  • Explore!
  • * And if you’d rather just RELAX and sit calmly on the Merry-go-round and mostly circle ‘round watching and listening to stories, you can do that in our Storytelling Playground, too.

What’s the offer? What’s a “Storytelling Playground,” anyway?

3 online sessions where we meet up and relax and play in the world of story!

What does that even mean?! –

I’ll guide you with a few stories and some storytelling-based games and reflections, to enable you to:

  • Take the pressure off
  • Laugh a little
  • Share some fun
  • Nourish your imagination & creativity
  • Breathe deeply and well
  • Find a bit of joy
  • *BONUS – An opportunity for a 20-minute individual/one-on-one follow-up with me

“I forgot just how FUN this is!” – said a participant from one of my online storytelling courses earlier in the pandemic.

I’ve been performing and teaching storytelling for over three decades, with all ages and in widely-varying contexts, and would love to invite you into a nourishing, refreshing, no-pressure, fun time together in the world of storytelling.

This is not a storytelling skills course – though you might develop some anyway.

This is not a course on researching folktales – though you may well encounter some.

This is not a deep dive into the history and psychology of storytelling – though you’ll perhaps learn a bit.


Your Storytelling Playground guide will be me, Pam Faro

I have 35 years of experience as an internationally performing storyteller, teacher, and coach, plus I went and got a master’s degree in divinity/theology that broadens and deepens my understanding of how nourishing to the spirit the experience of storytelling is, in a myriad of layers and ways. Storytelling – both the listening and the telling – has been a heart-and-spirits-saver for me these past couple-few rough years, and I regularly invite and guide others into discovering that enjoyment and lift!

What will you need to do? 

  • Have a web camera and mic for participating in the Storytelling Playground.
  • Show up for the 3 Saturday online sessions (1 to 1½ hours, partially dependent on number of participants).
  • Be open to playing some storytelling-connected games, listen to a few stories, perhaps reflect a little or a lot, laugh a little or a lot.
  • You could choose to work on a story to tell (jump in and monkey around with your imagination!).
  • Or you could choose to relax and just listen more (enjoy gliding around on the merry-go-round and/or gently swinging into new views and perspectives!).
  • Use the online calendar link you’ll be given after the first session to schedule the bonus 1-on-1 follow up with Pam.

When and Where 


This 3-session no-pressure Playground (plus bonus individual follow-up) is just $34, a special Springtime price. (Regularly $87)


Give yourself this gift!…

Whether you’re well familiar with storytelling, or it’s kind of a new thing for you to explore.

This is an opportunity to gather with others in a casual, supportive, conversational space to play and relax and refresh a bit – with storytelling games and explorations…and yes, stories.

Those who want to learn and tell a story, will have the opportunity and some guidance for doing so.

Those who want to just play a bit and listen to stories, will have that relaxing option as well.

Give yourself this gift to start off your summer!