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Performing “Uncle Olaus
Survives the Titanic” at Rome
International Storytelling


Pam’s Personal Comments…

Pam says: “Frederick Buechner describes a calling as ‘the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.’  Storytelling is my calling! The world hungers for the connection and community, the meaning-making and boundary-crossing and joy that are all part and parcel of the storytelling experience.

“True confessions: I am honestly proud of the fact that I supported my family of three (I was a single mom of two sons for 14 years) by means of storytelling for a full decade – I believe that is a strong testament to my skills, abilities and spirit as a storyteller.  People value what I have to offer, and therefore hire me – enough to have actually supported my family!

“And why did that “sole support” status change after 10 years? – Because I went back to school full-time (…plus got remarried…)!  I cut way back on my freelance storytelling work while I spent four years earning my Master of Divinity degree – a truly wonderful adventure.  And now I’m back to full-time storytelling – and instead of 2 kids and a cat and no spouse, I now have a spouse and a dog and no kids at home!”  (Click here to return to “About Pam” or scroll down to read more…)

“In addition to storytelling and the way it enables and nourishes connection, I am passionate about my family, about ideas and creativity, travel, communication and community-forming, the outdoors/creation, my dog, my beautiful Colorado…I love color and birds and water and trees and animals, and the arts in general and music and dance and storytelling and theater in particular(!). I am drawn to poetry and I embrace spirituality and I love physics (though I don’t understand very much!) and am thrilled by science and I explore theology ~ and I am entranced by the interweaving that exists between them all.  And did I mention I am passionate about my family?! (And I have grandchildren, now, too!)

“I grew up in the Midwest (Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin; went to college in Iowa; my kids were born in Dubuque; I’ve never lived in MInnesota but feel like I have – lifelong visits there to extended family, friends, inlaws…). I’ve lived in Arizona, in England and in Ecuador (lots of stories, there…!). Since 1986 Colorado has been my home.

“My undergraduate degree from Luther College (Decorah, IA) is in music (ahh, singing in Nordic Choir under Weston Noble!), with teacher certification (I taught music and did substitute teaching in Iowa and Arizona). I directed church choirs and/or served as Director of Music in Lutheran (ELCA) churches for the better part of 30 years.

“I earned a Master of Divinity degree from Iliff School of Theology (Denver, CO), where all of my elective courses were in biblical studies (stories!) and biblical languages (Hebrew and Greek…get deeper into the stories!!).  My calling is not to pastoral/congregational ministry, so I have not sought ordination in the ELCA.  Instead, it continues to be clear to me that storytelling is my calling, in many wondrous and varied ways! – whether in schools or businesses, churches or libraries; whether with kids, with adults, or  with cross-generational groups; whether for rich and meaningful entertainment or for educational purposes, for self-reflection or community-building.

“Our world and our lives are rife with divisions, misperceptions, obstacles and boundaries that disconnect us from one another (different cultures, religions, generations, politics, social status, gender, etc. etc.), that are in some ways multiplied and magnified by our digital-communications culture, and that separate us in unfruitful and sometimes harmful ways….we yearn for connection…

…Storytelling – gathering together to tell, to hear, to listen, to share stories: our own and others’ – uniquely and powerfully crosses boundaries and enables connection so needed by us all. And besides…it can be so fun!”

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One of my favorite walking trails in Boulder Country, Colorado…

Anything more beautiful than horses & mountains?

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