Heaven and Hell

Just too much. There was just too much in my head and in my heart. So I didn’t write anything. It’s been nearly two weeks since the November 13 violence in Paris. I’d been on the brink of writing a blog post about I-can’t-remember-what now, it suddenly seemed off-base and inconsequential so I never wrote […]

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Getting Back on the (Blogging) Horse!

It’s been wa-a-a-a-ay too long.  4 months-plus since my last blog post.  Past time to get back on that horse!

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Themes…Storytelling Programs & Story Slams

It’s pretty common for storytelling programs to have themes. Themes for conferences, library summer reading programs, festival, confabs, house concerts – or even just a particular one-storyteller show. A theme can be – fairly specific and help with focus, and pulling elements of an event together, or can be pretty broad and umbrella-like, and open […]

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Kindness – So Glad THAT Was the Response

Another short story: The first story slam I went to in October, “Truth Be Told – The Boulder Story Slam,” was an eye-opening experience. The venue was a back room with a small stage at a restaurant, Shine. The place was packed. Servers squeezed through the rows and tables to take order for drinks and […]

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Heritage: Something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor: legacy, inheritance; tradition Oh-so-very-much could be written on this, but for today just a brief consideration of a very large difference between traditional storytelling and story slam storytelling – and while I’ve so far written more about process and form, this is primarily about content.

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Festivals & Conferences of Storytelling (but of Story Slams?)

[Top photograph is from the 2012 Beyond the Border Wales International Storytelling Festival, showing just one of the dozen concert venues throughout the St. Donats Castle grounds. I had the delight of performing shows there that year. WONDERFUL storytelling festival!] Think about it… Two or more solid days – no really, think about it: two […]

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Trickster Tales – Just a Teeny Taste!

“The trickster exists in every culture as Coyote, Jack, Hans, Nasrudin, Anansi the Spider, and many more. He or she is a teacher and a fool in equal measure.” – So says the promo for tonight’s storytelling evening I’m eagerly anticipating… “Trickster Tales” is tonight’s offering in the “Stories with Spirit” series – live storytelling […]

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Capricorn - Pricus - Sea-Goat

6 Ways TEACHING Storytelling Helps One be a Better Storyteller

The Set-Up I recently had a whirlwind gig: Designing and giving a one-hour training to 350 museum volunteers, to equip them to tell pre-selected traditional stories as part of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s upcoming “Mythic Creatures” exhibit.

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light we see

Would You Tell a Story at an “Interfaith Event?”

[This article originally appeared in Pam Faro’s Story Tracks February 2015 newsletter.] Imagine this… You are invited to tell a story – for pay, even! – at an occasion described as an “interfaith event.” What would you tell? Do you have a story that springs to mind? Several? None? Would you even want to tell at […]

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Story Slams Making Waves (Part 3) – Diving In Head First

It was my first-ever story slam! Not sure if “wow” or “hm” is my primary response…Wow. Hm. That was the gist of my Facebook post that night after I got home; and I started planning a 3-part blog series reflecting on story slams. Then… OHMIGOSH OHMIGOSH!!! I just got home from the 2nd Denver Moth […]

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