Why Tell Ghost Stories? – At Halloween or Any Time?!

[Re-activating my blog by sharing a favorite one from the past on this Halloween…] When I was a child, my favorite holiday was Halloween. Not because of the candy – though I certainly enjoyed the Tootsie Rolls and Snickers and yes, candy corn. No, it was the atmosphere of it all – the tree branches […]

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Getting Back on the (Blogging) Horse!

It’s been wa-a-a-a-ay too long.  4 months-plus since my last blog post.  Past time to get back on that horse!

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I am beyond delighted to welcome Csenge Zalka as Guest Blogger today! She is a Co-Host for the A-Z Challenge, a storyteller, scholar, teacher, blogger…and the MythOff USA Representative. So when she found out I planned to address “MythOff” for my M post (for my Daily Blogging Challenge theme of “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling […]

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Heritage: Something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor: legacy, inheritance; tradition Oh-so-very-much could be written on this, but for today just a brief consideration of a very large difference between traditional storytelling and story slam storytelling – and while I’ve so far written more about process and form, this is primarily about content.

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light we see

“All the Words I Cannot Write”…Oral Stories / Written Stories

All the Light We Cannot See  Have you ever heard, or read, a story that filled you so very, very, very full…of thoughts, emotions, responses, images…? A story you hear told aloud…a written novel you hold in your hands…both are so similar to, and so different from, each other. Both are magnificently complex, but the […]

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Do You Know This “Secret Power” of Story?

It was a glorious Colorado autumn day! Ohhhhh, let me throw open the door and step out into the blue-sky bright-sunshine lovely-fresh air! Glorious! Deep breath, big smile…

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