Random Order

At least at a potluck dinner you can choose from the selections on the table, and decide whether you want to start with the broccoli salad, the garlic bread or the chicken wings. You can end with yummies from the dessert end of the table, or if you don’t have a sweet tooth you can […]

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QUESTIONS – What are YOURS about Storytelling &/or Story Slams?!

Throughout this April A-Z Daily Blogging Challenge I’ve been asking some questions…(“Why ARE story slams growing so popular?”), and trying to answer some questions (“What IS a story slam, anyway?!) What are YOUR questions?

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[Theme for this month: “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling- Bridging the Distance.] My primary thought after my first-ever story slam last October, the Boulder Story Slam: “Boy, was that potluck!”

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Oral Tradition – Plus Let Me Tell You Another Story…

A little mouse told me?  Well, not exactly…but somebody did! [This is longer than my other A-Z posts…the musings plus the story…grab a cuppa maybe?!] By definition, personal stories (that is, first-person personal-experience narratives) are not transmitted to the teller through an oral tradition: they happened to the teller. So, as we compare & contrast […]

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I’m afraid it must be addressed. Elephant in the room, you know… …the feeling that all this personal, first-person, “me, myself, and I”-ness of story slams is, well, at its root narcissistic. And that’s not generally considered a good thing. It is a suspicion, sometimes an accusation, among some storytellers/folks who love the telling and […]

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I am beyond delighted to welcome Csenge Zalka as Guest Blogger today! She is a Co-Host for the A-Z Challenge, a storyteller, scholar, teacher, blogger…and the MythOff USA Representative. So when she found out I planned to address “MythOff” for my M post (for my Daily Blogging Challenge theme of “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling […]

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Limits, Time Limits

Story slams impose a pretty strict limit on the length of stories told. [Theme for this A-Z April Daily Blogging Challenge: “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling – Bridging the Distance”] Five minutes seems to be typical (as does an additional grace period of a half-minute or a minute). But the time allowed for the story […]

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Kindness – So Glad THAT Was the Response

Another short story: The first story slam I went to in October, “Truth Be Told – The Boulder Story Slam,” was an eye-opening experience. The venue was a back room with a small stage at a restaurant, Shine. The place was packed. Servers squeezed through the rows and tables to take order for drinks and […]

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Judging at Story Slams

Being a judge I’m pretty sure I’ll never volunteer to be a judge at a story slam. I’m happy to leave that part of the game to someone else! Therefore it’s an act of the imagination to answer the question sometimes put to me: “How do they figure the scores?!”

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I Wuz Robbed! – A Story

Let me tell you a story… November 21, 2014 – It was my first Moth story slam. The Moth! The storied, premier story slam event! I’d heard tell of it for a long time. Every now and then I’d caught “The Moth Radio Hour” on my public radio station. And now it had come to […]

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