Practice Makes Perfect?

Over and over again I’ve read the advice from writers that the most important thing to do, if you wish to improve your writing, be a writer, write… …the most important thing to do is to write every day. Some advise to set a daily length-target (so many words or pages); others recommend setting a […]

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Reflections on 2015 A-Z Daily Blogging Challenge

Daily A-to-Z Blogging is indeed a challenge! For 26 days in a row (“with Sundays off for good behavior!”), you.. 

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I love storyteller Susan Marie Frontsczak’s motto: “Give me a place to stand, and I’ll take you someplace else.” – !!! Ohhh, I wish I’d thought of that and copyrighted it…darn!  😉 That’s part of the beauty and power and magic of storytelling – it can happen pretty much anywhere physically, and can take you […]

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And so we come to the end of the alphabet for our April A-to-Z blogging theme of “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling – Bridging the Distance.” I love the picture that I found for the top of this post (of the zigzag bridge heading off into the fog), because as I’ve been sharing my so-far […]

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Why am I blogging about “Story Slams & Traditional Storytelling – Bridging the Distance”-?

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X-Rated Language at Story Slams

Disclaimer: Perhaps “R-Rated” would be a more appropriate description than “X-Rated”…but I had a different topic idea for “R” (Random Order), and needed one for “X”…so here we are. This is one definite difference between story slams and traditional storytelling (at least at the public slams I’ve been to): the people up on stage seem […]

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Working in Wisconsin, Wondering When…

…I’ll catch up with my A-Z blog posts…! I know.  It’s probably cheating. But this is my W post. [Still need to do V, and X (which is today’s letter)…they will come…] I was continuing my research on story slams while at the Northlands Storytelling Confabulation in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin…

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US vs. UK Storytelling

Some of them just didn’t believe me. “An American storyteller telling folktales? Don’t they all just do autobiographical stories?” Let me tell you part of a story…

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Themes…Storytelling Programs & Story Slams

It’s pretty common for storytelling programs to have themes. Themes for conferences, library summer reading programs, festival, confabs, house concerts – or even just a particular one-storyteller show. A theme can be – fairly specific and help with focus, and pulling elements of an event together, or can be pretty broad and umbrella-like, and open […]

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Sold Out Storytelling…Slams, That Is

The Denver Moth Story Slam sells out every month. 300-seat auditorium. Sells out every time. Usually within 3-4 hours online. On the one hand, it’s wonderful! People are getting exposed to storytelling! Celebrating storytelling! Storytelling is getting some good press! Yay! On the other hand…Well, what could the downside be? Is there one? Ah, here’s […]

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