Pam Faro, Storyteller

About Pam Faro, Storyteller

Pam says: “Frederick Buechner describes a calling as “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  Storytelling is my calling! The world hungers for the connection and community, the meaning-making and joy that are all part and parcel of the storytelling experience.”  (Read more of Pam’s personal comments here.)

Since 1988, storyteller Pam Faro has earned her living by offering top-quality storytelling performances, workshops, keynotes and retreats…

Livermore Library 7-24-13

  • from the symphonic stage of the Colorado Music Festival, to city-wide literacy programs in Phoenix, to canoe trips down Western rivers;
  • from district-wide teacher in-services, to professional-development conferences, to festivals with audiences numbering many hundreds, across the US and overseas;
  • at schools, libraries, churches, theaters and festivals from Denver to Chicago, from New Orleans and Atlanta to St. Louis and San Francisco;
  • from Sydney to Toronto, from Oxford to Wittenberg to Rome;
  • she was selected to represent the seven-state Western Region at the 1992 National Storytelling Festival Exchange Place in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

She lives in Colorado, and will travel ‘most anywhere to bring you the joy and power of storytelling!  More and more, she is teaching and performing internationally:

What does Pam do?…

  • Performance – she tells stories with warmth, humor and power; she’s experienced and equally at ease performing in intimate house concerts or on large festival stages, with adults, children and/or inter-generational audiences.
  • Education – she teaches storytelling: the many aspects of doing storytelling and using storytelling. Experienced at both leading small-group classes and offering large conference workshops, she draws upon her extensive performing and teaching experience as well as her teacher certification training.
  • Consulting – Pam serves as a consultant in using storytelling in ministry and other settings in addition to her work as a popular performer/entertainer and an educator/workshop-leader.
  • Keynoting – Pam creates impactful, interactive keynote presentations, tailoring them to your group and event.
  • Retreat leading – she uses storytelling as a powerful vehicle for spiritual/faith-based retreats, drawing upon her long experience working in congregations as well as her MDiv training and education.
  • Coaching – she works one-on-one with you to help you grow your storytelling skills and confidence.

Some positions Pam has held, achievements reached and degrees completed:

Pam loves to travel near and far to bring the power, joy and nourishment of storytelling to people, to enable the reaching-across-boundaries that becomes possible when storytelling is shared. 

And she always loves to return home to the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado!

CO glory 4

All roads lead to the Rockies!


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